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Two years ago I was active but I kept getting minor injuries and was fed up being told it was to be expected ‘at my age’! 


I spotted Lloyd’s social media page and thought okay let’s give this a go. 


Was I nervous, oh yes, very.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect. 


In my mind I thought I’ll treat myself to a Personal Trainer until I’m 60 – that was my target, to be fit for sixty. 


What are the benefits of a one-2-one fitness programme?

  1. Fitness level improved – well you’d expect that right?

  2. Strength improved – again you’d expect that too

  3. Flexibility, improved range of motion (that’s the additional yoga class)

  4. Lose fat and gain muscle – damn right I have


But it’s the additional benefits of regular exercise that have surprised me


Confidence – to have a go at any fitness class and do MY best, not anyone else’s just MINE

Assurance – knowing how to do an exercise properly to build and strengthen stamina, muscle and overall health

Reassurance – to ignore those whispering voices of self-doubt… because at the Fitness Box instructors are with you throughout each class, encouraging and supporting you

Sociable – yes, being part of a group of people leaping about is sociable 

Heart of an Olympian – FACT at a recent health check, my heart is as fit as an Olympic Athlete

Reduced Stress – I’m Driving Miss Daisy


I love coming to the fitness box because both you and Lucy who take the classes I go to help push me to my limits and are really enthusiastic to help me power through! I also love coming to the fitness box because everyone is like family and help each other out and keep each other motivated. The fitness box in my opinion is the best place to go to help me and others get in great shape in the most fun and motivational way. Couldn’t recommended coming enough!


I love coming to the box, all the sessions are massively energetic, motivational and fun. I have been able to improve and keep challenging my level of fitness in ways I didn't think was possible because of the huge help from Lloyd and Lucy. If it wasn't for you both I wouldn't have been able to keep training during pregnancy and so soon after with letting me set up my own mini creche in the corner of some sessions (it's a great baby sensory session ) But what I love the most is if it's been a rough night, bad morning or a long old day you have a session at the box and you leave feeling "it's going to be a lovely day" Thank you Lloyd and Lucy!!


Why do I wholeheartedly recommend The Fitness Box? There’s a wide range of classes, with an incredible variety of exercise programmes; there are always new things being planned; the trainers know us and are incredibly supportive; the level of challenge is high, but achievable and it’s the friendliest place imaginable... I have seen a change in my body composition, and I exercised before joining The Box! I attempt things I would never try when I belonged to a commercial chain gym: jacks and lunges (because of a 20-year-old skiing injury). The personal training is the best... the programme is planned so I progress, and can see my progress.

Kelly B

Well what can I say about The Fitness Box... firstly a huge thank you to Lloyd and Lucy for all the support, motivation and fun over the last 3 years. You kept me fit while being pregnant and helped me to get back in shape post pregnancy, but most of all helped me to keep on track to achieve my goals to be a healthier fitter me. Initially I started out just going to the same class weekly but with the great variety of classes available at flexible times it meant there is no excuse to miss a session with a baby. The Box is a great training environment, everyone is so friendly and supportive which keeps you going back for more. The Fitness Box instructors are a great team and have helped me to keep motivated to maintain a lifestyle of health and fitness. Thanks again!

Phil B

What a place to come and get fit what ever your level. I have done the transformation camp along with a number of other classes and found super knowledgeable trainers that are friendly, approachable and give good quality advice which has help me improve not only my fitness but my overall technique.
No big ego’s like you get in some main stream gyms.

Cannot recommend this gym enough.


8 weeks!!! 8 weeks ago I started my journey with The Fitness Box! I was feeling so fed up and needed a big kick up the backside 🥾 There has been a lot of sweat and even some tears when my back decided to play up... and yes I have slipped up with the diet several times🙈🤦‍♀️.... but I am so chuffed with the results so far! This is not the end and I will keep pushing towards my goal 💪👊 thank you so much Lucy Booth PT and Lloyd Scott!! xxx

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